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What's supposed to happen is, the middle wire of J3 should go from around 0v up to 12v after 7 seconds. Hmm... I can't remember what stage the code was at in December 2009/January 2010. Hey, what version does it say when you just hit <enter>?

I can't wait to hear how it does with a heatsink! You could mount the baseplate to the heatsink (there's an extra 4 holes in the baseplate just for that reason), but it's probably not as good as having the heatsink bolted directly to the aluminum heat spreader.

With those lithium batteries, 3.3-3.4v is nominal, right? 158-163v sounds a tiny bit scary, but if it's working then I say go right ahead! hehe.

The guy that ran his controller at 192v nominal blew it up just after a charge. He was driving it pretty aggressively when the pack voltage was probably around 205 or 210v.
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