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Mine's the 2c with version 11b of the software. So the contactor control wire should be working with this version? I will have to investigate when I open the controller to fit the heatsink and new bolt insulators, might be down to me.

Originally I was going to have a 45 cell pack, when ordering the cells I said I wanted a 45 cell, 144 volt pack. A price was agreed from the Chinese suppliers and when I received them some months later and opened the crate, I had 48 cells. Well I wasn't going to leave 3 cells out, so in they all went. Actually I should clarify, it really is 144 cells, 40 ah, connected 3P48S. These are in 4 boxes, spare wheel well, under rear seats, along central tunnel and in the front. Result is the interior still has all the seats and the car looks mostly normal.

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