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This has nothing to do with the cat. The sensor needs to be hot to generate a signal. Exhaust heat will eventually heat the sensor up. The heater just accelerates this process and lets your car go into closed loop mode sooner.

I had this problem temporarily after I installed my Bosch gauge. The AEM gauge it came with was responsible for heating up the sensor, so I only used one wire on the old harness for narrowband emulation. To keep the ECU from throwing heater circuit codes, I chopped the harness off the narrowband sensor and soldered a 10 ohm resistor between the heater wires. Make sure it's rated for at least 10 watts though, or it will burn up. Also keep it clear of your wiring/looming, or it could melt them. Alternatively, you could wire a brake light bulb and socket in there to keep the ECU happy, if you don't mind your engine bay glowing for a few seconds on each start.
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