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Greg Fordyce
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Wow Greg, sounds like you have a SAWEET setup!
Range so far is a confirmed 54 miles, but I should be able to get better than 80 miles. The 50 watt bulb is a bit slow to precharge, I may start using 2 in parallel. I've stuck a couple cpu heatsinks on that were lying around, hasn't helped much, but they are pretty wimpy. My plan is to drill and tap the 150mm x 300mm x 40mm heatsink I got for 6mm bolts. This will mean no nuts on the bottom, just screw straight into the heatsink. I've found some bolt insulators, just have to find long enough bolts.

What's the ambient temp in Scotland?
I'm originally from California and when we are having a nice summer day here I like to joke "This is like a fine winters day in LA!" hahaha. Thanks for the link, mine is getting warmer than that, so I have been taking it easy till I get it sorted.
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