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Travel far? Save your back!

Do any of you tour cross country, or do 800-900 miles a day somewhere? Or even 300-500 a day? I know sissy bars are somewhat dated, but even if you have a hard rear box behind you (solo riding of course) with or without a passenger back rest built on it; have you considered a fake load bungeeded behind you for back support? If you are 18 maybe you can "tuck" all day, but you will tire eventually. Any bike with a somewhat upright riding position will work. A piece of sytrofoam in a black garbage bag can be organized to actually look like luggage. Even if you only commute say 25 miles one way to work; you will notice how much more comfortable you are! Even on more of a sport bike, even something similar to the size of a rolled up sleeping bag set up in the passenger hand strap area will do wonders w/o looking "geeky"!

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