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Ive also pondered about hydrogen generation on the fly to be used as a fuel additive. To me, I know energy will be lost in the transfer but that doesn't necessarily make it useless just because it looses energy. We have drivetrain losses, superchargers take energy to make energy, and even turbos loose energy while making energy. With all three we honestly dont get the energy out that is put in. Its interesting to see those who are such heavy nay sayers on that principle alone. Superchargers are known for their inefficiencies because of heat and the fact that it takes alot of horsepower to turn the belt to make it useful. So for some superchargers to add 100hp it might take away 35-45hp. The same thing might be happening with hydrogen generators. It may take 3hp with alternator load but it might make 5hp. So at the end of the day the gain is worth the loss.

A great many other things also need to be put into consideration too. Like the design, the solution mix, hose placement. Really, general efficiency of the added components.
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