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The Gain Is Worth The Loss!

Hi Floordford,
Thanks for your response. Never has a truer word been spoken!

You have certainly put some thought into this rather than rejecting the concept out of hand. Your analogy to supercharging is a case in point. That the gain may be worth the loss--IOW you come out positive, no matter how small the resultant gain.

>>A great many other things also need to be put into consideration too. Like the design, the solution mix, hose >>placement. Really, general efficiency of the added components.

Oh, absolutely! To take just a single point I'm focussing on---a point of loss, as pointed out by many---My PWM will be linked with throttle opening so that in the 80deg of throttle opening the current drawn by the electrolyser will vary hypothetically from 3A at slow running, to 15A at WOT, and will be adjustable to vary this range as well.

Not much time to be a yea- or naysayer. I am doing my best, as I understand it. I shall just go by what I see.


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