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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Which, in reality, means nothing. He'll have to custom mount anything he puts in anyway.

Every mention of a 2.5 I'm seeing from Audi is showing either around 120hp, or around 300+hp. I imagine the latter being a newer gasser engine.

Point is: it's going to be heavier than the VW engine, have similar power, and is still made by VAG. It'll likely be more expensive, as well. AUDI is one of the Executive class labels in the world.
The bits in those are shared with quite a few VWs including Golfs and Jettas / Boras. Mounting a 1.9 TDI longways can be done if you get the bits from an Audi A4/A6 or from a VW Passat as they are mounted the same way.

Not easy mind but no engine swap is.

As 320 tapped there are versions of the Audi A6 which weighs probably the same as an XJ40 with TDis as small as the 1.9 with 110hp and they are not too shappy in terms of 'go' either.

Audi made a few 2.5 Diesels from 140hp (S5) to the V6 Twin Turbo at 180hp. There is a single turbo at 150hp I think as well. The S5 also made it into some Volvos - the 850 and V70/'new' V70 of 1999.

The Jaguar XF is about to be fitted with a new 2.2 4-pot Diesel with 188hp/300lb/ft and 53 MPG.

The XF weighs a lot more than an old XJ40 especially if the latter as had the "lightness by oxidation" facility built into older British cars at the factory

Combining the two concepts, you could get a 1.9 TDi PD to make 170+hp / 280+lb/ft without huge difficulty or expense depending on your starting point, but ultimately this may not be as cheap as dragging out a truck engine and fitting that - which seems a shame as the extra capacity is not really needed with all those 4 pot TDIs around.

Still it may be whatever is available locally for the right money. Getting a suitable gearbox and rear end to match the lower revving Diesel may be more of a challenge than the engine choice alone.
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