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Originally Posted by JerkOfAllTrades View Post
There is already a company working on this.

I cannot remember if I read about it here or on The Car Lounge
but there was included a link to their website showing cutaways
of the motor in action and of course asking for support (money)
to help comercialize.

If I recall correctly, it utilized siamesed cylinders to do just what you are suggesting. However, would this not be another form of supercharging?

I think there would be less efficiency losses through friction from using either a supercharger or turbocharger.
If anyone has any info on the company working on something similar or a link it would be greatly appreciated.

Indeed, it would be another form of supercharging, that is the idea.

I also agree that a turbo or true supercharger would be more efficient, but I don't want more HP/TQ, I want more mpg out of my existing powerplant, so my idea was to shut off half the motor and turn it into a supercharger of sorts to help the remaining 2 cylinders make enough power to operate the car. Going on the theory that a boosted 1.0L 2 banger would use less fuel than a NA 4 banger yet still make enough power to keep up with the traffic. Never mind the fact that I wouldn't need to spend thousands on a supercharger/turbo kit. It just seems like a good way to effectively reduce the displacement of the motor, and hopefully it's fuel consumption.
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