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long time waiting

I am a HVAC serviceman with a background in electric troubleshooting. I originally wanted to build an electric car back in the 1970s when the first energy crunch came about. The first electronic controls were just coming on line. Before that, the only control for electric cars was in line resistors to bleed off the power!! 2 years ago I finally decided to do it. The car is a 1989 Dodge shadow that I previously owned.
The motor is from a fork lift, the batteries are lead acid and the original controller was from Curtis which I damaged by improper wiring.
I was a bit miffed by Curtis and their "industrial secrets".
I then decided to make a controller. It has been a long process with updating my electronics knowledge. I am still in that process with long hours surrounded by assorted parts & tools trying to make it work.
I am not on any schedule so whenever it gets done is fine.

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