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Originally Posted by XJguy View Post
Okay its been a while but I got this thing done finally a week ago. I get the most astonished looks. One guy asked me if my Jeep mated with the Space Shuttle...LOL.

Thanks for all the pix! Since it is so easily removable I wonder if ABA testing is in your plans. Quantifying gains with such a mod is invaluable to others. I understand if your project is done. I don't like to burn ga$ without good reason either. The least expensive road tests I can think of are coast down and Scangauge (et al) averaging over a test section of roadway. Regardless, I predict success and improvement with this mod. Even if airflow doesn't turn out fully attached you're stuffing the wake so resulting eddies can't be very big and your "bed bubble" is stable so the wake has to be less than open bed.

Rock on!
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