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3/4-ton Diesel

Hi folks, I just wanted to introduce myself.

First off, the vehicle I drive is quite a bit different than most of the vehicles that I've seen on this site--my 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 weighs in at around 3 and a half tons and has an engine displacement of over 400 cubic inches (6.7-liter). That being said, I think my turbocharged Cummins and I are doing pretty respectable--3 tank average of 25.3 mpg. This is compared to the stock mileage of around 14.5 mpg (Note: the EPA doesn't publish official numbers for trucks this size).

Most all my gains so far have come from powertrain modifactions & driving style (gotta love that manual 6-speed tranny). I'm now also usually running without windshield wipers. What's nice is I have the style that pop on or off is about 5 seconds. If it looks like rain I usually just put the driver's wiper on.
I'm looking at getting into the aero-modding area. I'm designing an aero-cap and looking at some other things as well.

Anyways, I'll throw this question out there:

"What are the biggest things that change when you're dealing with a big turbodiesel pickup as opposed to a small gasoline compact car?"


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