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Did you see the controller settings database? My pack is also 144 volt so I started with Joe's settings, which I would classify as a sport mode for my car which is a bit lighter. The throttle was very responsive, but the ah figures reported by the controller for the same journey compared to the default settings seemed a bit higher, so I have now settled on this.

Kp 2
Ki 20
t-pos-gain 11
t-pwm-gain 0
motor-os-th 90
motor-sc-amps 30
bat-amps-lim 300

Best thing to do is try changing one parameter at a time and seeing what effect it has on your vehicle.

BTW, I got my new heatsink fitted and the controller is running a lot cooler now. I can still get a peak of around 50C when climbing a hill at 60mph, but I think some improvement to airflow around the controller would help.

500 miles on the car so far and all is well with the controller.

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