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I really enjoyed the list! Awesome job. Especially 12.

12) Leave early and don't rush

The enemy of efficient driving is finding yourself in a rush. Leave for your destination a little early so you don't feel pressure to drive faster, brake later and otherwise fall back into bad habits.

Driving efficiently can be much more relaxing than the typical person's driving style, but you need to allow a bit of extra time.
Ideas for consideration...

-Use lighter weight oil.
-Make aerodynamic modifications. You touched on this with the roof rack removal tip, but there are lots of easy and effective mods.

Also, I feel like #14 needs some qualification. I haven't tested, but my guess would be that IRL the cons would outweigh the pros.

14) The 'corridor effect'

All else being equal, traveling at a constant speed on a freeway within a flow of traffic (in the same direction) is more efficient than going the same speed in isolation. The reason is aerodynamic: a flow of traffic generates a localized wind current in the direction of travel. You will benefit from this artificial breeze.
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