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I's go for a Mercedes om602 (2.5 5 cylinder turbo). The om606 turbo or non is a great engine but the electronic throttle control is a pain when swapping, the glow plugs are extra long (due to the twin cam) and will on occasion snap off in the head. You can mate an om603 injecting pump with mechanical throttle control, no problem.

But I'd suggest an om603 or om602 due to their great track records. The om617 is great, but the om60x series is a more modern design. The 61x series was designed I think in the 60's and took a lot of the technology from the earlier diesels. With the om60x series you get a modern diesel, mechanical fuel injection, turbocharged, cross flow head, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Some out there in the Mercedes diesel world are afraid of the om60x series because of its aluminum head. Especially the om603 with its head. Like any aluminum head if you over heat it it will crack or warp. So don't let that scare you.

I've owned a 617 powered car, loved it. But it sounded like a farm tractor. I had an SDL with the 603 and now a 300D with the 3.0 603. Both great, strong, torque'y engines. Especially in the lighter 300D. Plus getting 30+ mpg with a 3.0 turbo engine is pretty sweet. If the jag has an overdrive gear you'll love it even more.

IIRC the 6 speeds did not go with the om606's. I believe a 5 speed was standard for the '98-99 E300D's.

The om617, and om60x series all had the 4 speed. With the om615 having an option of a 4 speed manual and a rare 5 speed option(more common in europe). I do believe the 5 speed from a 300E will mate to an om60x engine. The 190D 2.2 did come with a 5 speed and the 190D 2.5 non turbo/turbo I believe, dont quote me on this, but I believe had the option of a 5 speed as we..

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