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cmags, re: calibration:
After the initial guess, the version we have here will benefit from a "true up" when you refill your car. Basically you
1. top off the tank
2. note your milage on the odo
3. reset the guino
4. drive for hundreds of miles
5. go to the same pump at the same station pointing in the same direction (same time of day/temperature would be nice)
6. fill up the tank to the same spot/number of clicks
7. note the change in mileage on the odo, see if it matches the miles on the guino
8. note the gallons it took to fillup the car, see if it matches the gallons on the guino

If 7 or 8 aren't reasonably close, then note the percentage that the reading is off and adjust the vssPulsesPerMile (for 7) or injectorGPH (for 8) at the top of the source code (at the top of this thread) by that percentage and reload it onto the guino.

Eventually we hope to have enough data from enough different types of cars that people can get a pretty good first guess based on their vehicle, but even a bad guess will give you a relative reading that you can use to see if you are improving or not.

Also we hope to utilize these buttons and add menus and such with future software upgrades so you can calibrate it in the car, but we are gunning for a simple working mpg gauge at the moment (with maybe a few nice features):


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