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That's great info you give there.
The fluid simulations show indeed that the louvres approach works.
Thanks for confirming my thoughts about this way of flow attachment.

Shame my fluid simulations (other program) did not show any effect.
When I had the oem rightmirror still, I did some tuft testing with a thin sheet of metal attached to the mirror, which i bended in stepped (louvre) form, but my setup was rough so I didn't get clear signs that it worked.

And I knew that the louvre form on the good aerodynamic Antro Solo was there for a reason.

This is great info, becouse in the Netherlands by law you must have a left side mirror and 1 other mirror, that may be a right side mirror or rearview mirror, or both.
So a louvre approach would be great for the rearview and still have some kind of kammback.
And the left side mirror can reasemble a druplet shape with the help of a kind of louvre, while still having the side view.

I'm also wondering if it's even possible to make the angle greater and thus the lenght of a louvre type kammback smaller then its smooth counterpart.
I've acces to a flowbanch so I think I'm going to test it there.
Keep you posted.

Still any more info would be great, thanks alot for al the reactions I got sofar, keep it up.

another pic of louvres on the "rear hood" of a ferrari f40

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