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Why I'm Choosing a Civic Over a Metro


Well, I've been researching what car I'll be getting in a few weeks and I've come to a decision. For the longest time I was going to get a Geo or Chevy Metro, but after doing lots of research I've decided I'll be getting a 2001 or 2002 Honda Civic hatchback with an automatic transmission.

Here are the things I want in my next car:
-Safety: The Civic is safer than the Metro.
-Automatic Transmission: Both cars have automatic versions.
-Very Fuel Efficient: The Civic is more fuel efficient than the Metro, according to the EPA. (2001 & 2002 Civic hatchback = 30 city / 36 hwy, 1996-2001 Geo/Chevy Metro = 26 city / 31 hwy)
-Very Inexpensive: The Metro is less expensive than the Civic. This is the only thing I can see as a negative about the Civic, but one bonus will be that the Civic will have a higher resale value than the Metro if I ever decide to resell the Civic.
-Able to carry 4 occupants: Both cars can carry 4 occupants, but the Civic has more interior space than the Metro.
-Must be made after 1996 so a ScanGauge can be used with it.
-Must be familiar to mechanics if it ever needs to be worked on: The Civic has more mechanics that are familiar with it than the Metro, I assume.
-Must have good availability of parts if any repairs are needed: The Civic has more parts than the Metro, I assume.
-Must have good availability of aftermarket parts for modifications: The Civic has more aftermarket parts than the Metro, I assume.
-Must cost very little to insure: The Civic will cost less for me to insure than the Metro.

I've also owned two Civics in the past so it'll be like an old friend.

Am I missing anything here? What do you think?

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