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Been using this for about 2-3 weeks. I notice quicker acceleration to high speeds. Not really paying attention to fuel consumption, but less drag means more economy.

3 things I would have do different if I were to do it again. 1) stuck with original plan of making this out of 3 individual sheets instead of 5. 2) paint it, I bought red thinking it would be close enough, and it was, but the sun has faded it a lot, by the time I get to race this thing will be pink....what sucks is that I have already put some of my racing decals on, some of which are not easy to come by. 3) added a little more reinforcement (which I still may do in the form of aluminum cross braces). When the windows are open, the top flaps a good amount. Though having the windows open almost defeats the aerodynamics, it is nevertheless a real possibility as to how this truck will be raced due to the high heat especially when covered in a helmet and fire retardant gear.
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