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cleanspeed1: you did extremely well, but what is the 2nd Ford/Chevy shared ci V8?? I haven't ever owned a triple? Had many bikes? How about a grand list for fun??

jamesqf: thanks for your response! I think we are bigger when we can admit to not always being perfect, or slow, or we have inadequatesies like my spelling here!! LOL!!

'74 Honda 360 1st bike
'75Harley FX 1200 superglide (basically a 200cc larger sportster)
repeat of above Harley... sold 1st to get Datsun 240Z... FX meant kick start only
'75 Yamaha RD 350 w after market exh., tomato sou
p colored wheelie machine
'73 or so Kawa 175 Enduro
'74 Honda CB450 rode to Texas and back
early 80's? ST 90 : a street legal mini bike sized Enduro that I actually rode on freeway once at 40mph.
early 80' Honda MB5 tiny 50cc sport bike w real shocks
'81 Honda CB400: rode from OR. to NC., and back w/o even a fairing (silver color)
a '70's basketcase Yamaha 650 vibrator bought from an ex-boss for $50. or beater.. heard eng. run once...gave it away
'78 Kawa KL250 Enduro: current!
'81 Honda CB 400 in black, added 2into 1 exh. :current!
'77 Suzuki GS 550, gave to neighbor friend who did a great job of restoring it.
'83 Honda 650 (673) GL Interstate full dresser w shaft, watercooled... Burgandy w much extra chrome...took off boat anchor lighted bumper bar... has alt. issues, but fires right up w cables to car: current!
'83 same as above but in silver w much less chrome amd no CB/Am/Fm/or Cassette player
I think thats all.. my truck/van/car list I'm sure is 45+ some other time... I'm sure I would feel done w that list; then something memory wise would have to be added!!!!

on 240Z

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