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First DO NOT BUY A CHINESE SCOOTER. The quality is very low and you can not get replacement parts. Also no one will do service and repairs.

Find a reputable dealer that will service what they sell. The first service is at 600 miles. it is important because it involves changing the oil in the final drive .The break in oil must be replaced with synthetic oil at that time. After that the belt drive gets done at 7500 miles. Four stroke engines require an oil change every 2500 miles. then it is just tires and breaks

Basically the 50 cc scooter comes restricted to 30 mph . You are not allowed to go over 30 mph without a motorcycle license. As for tags Most states will allow 50cc scooters to ride on secondary roads without tags . But ask the dealer.
De restricting a scooter involves removing parts from the exhaust and the trans . It is something the dealer can do for a charge or have them do it free with the purchases.

The other difference is two stroke VS four stroke. The four stroke 50 is VERY slow. At least with a two stroke 50 you can keep up with traffic. On that note remember that a scooter is every bit as dangerous as a motorcycle . Getting a license is easy and fun to do.

The Honda Ruckus is expensive compared to the other scooters on the market. and the Metro is very small so sit on it before you buy.
Check out scooters from Kymco or Genuine. They are very good and the price is good. Also fuel injection is a good idea because of the ethanol fuel will ruin the carb if it sits over winter.

Feel free to PM me any questions you have about scooters .I ride a 50 cc scooter everyday as primary transportation. I spent 4 dollars on gas last week. But I don't know how far I went. I will start tracking my mileage since joining this forum.
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