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I just got my Cruze Eco and have been shifting really slowly, never allowing it to go above 2000 RPM's. (Unless I am in the mood for speed, I know, not eco friendly, but I gots to scratch the itch sometimes.)

Anyway I was reading this thread and not quite sure how to do the calcualtion for best RPM range. I also have some questions, as this is my first manual.

The engine is a turbo, does that make a difference in what is the optimum RPM to shift?

Gear ratio is:
■First Gear Ratio - 4.27:1
■Second Gear Ratio - 2.16:1
■Third Gear Ratio - 1.30:1
■Fourth Gear Ratio - 0.96:1
■Fifth Gear Ratio - 0.74:1
■Sixth Gear Ratio - 0.61:1
■Reverse Ratio - 3.82:1
■Final Drive Axle Ratio - 3.83:1

Any suggestions on how to optimitly shift. I have driven a few manuals before, but never with this ratio and never with the intent to achive better MPG. Any advice would be welcome.
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