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Originally Posted by Frankenstipe View Post
Nothing makes it worth it to buy a Chrysler or a Ford. They could be giving away free gas for the life of the car if you bought any one of their cars and I still wouldn't even think about it.
Maybe in the US right now. They will certainly get more appealing for our crowd in the next few years. They're far from incapable of making nice economic cars, they've been doing it for years. The executives were just stupid and thought Americans didn't want small efficient cars. They've learned though and have started bringing over successful cars from Europe and selling them in the US. Ford Europe has been quite profitable.

I would seriously consider buying a Ford in the UK. Due to the dollar you can get quite a nice car for dirt cheap over there.

The Fiesta, and other ford models, with the ecoNetic diesel beat the Prius on CO2 emissions (of course it's smaller). And, they're about half the price of a Prius in the UK. The new Fiesta will also be road tax exempt, which means any gain in fuel economy for the Prius will never pay for itself.

The people who are totally cynical about American motor companies will be surprised in the coming years.
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