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Originally Posted by diesel_john View Post
Also i am trying to figure out how run an alternator with my exhaust gas. So i can eliminate the the accessory drive belts.
Well, first thought on this is a vortex supercharger. This is basically half of a turbo (output side) bolted to a pulley which is run by the accessory belt. If you did the opposite and ran the driven half of a turbo and use a pulley to drive the alternator.

Other ideas for turning the alternator:
Both of these thoughts would require forward motion to work, but I think the battery could handle things when your stopped.
One idea would be to weld/bolt a pulley to one of your driveshafts closest to the trans to avoid belt deflection due to suspension travel and make a bracket to hold the alternator and maybe a belt tensioner. All in all it will still be driven by the motor in this case, but would possibly make idling more efficient, which on a diesel is almost a mute point.
The other idea would be to duct air in from the grill/hood to spin a compressor/fan of some kind which in turn would spin your alternator, it may add a little to the aerodynamic drag but would allow the removal of the accessory drive belt system, well assuming that your water pump is timing belt driven.
Both of these would benefit from EOC as your still spinning the drive shafts and your still plowing through the air even when your coasting with the engine off.
Again, best of luck. JoJotheTireMan
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