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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post
jamesqf: thanks for your response! I think we are bigger when we can admit to not always being perfect...
Not perfect? Moi?!?! Though I will admit to a certain excess modesty :-)

Don't know that I could list all the bikes &c from memory, but a few...

Late '60s/early '70s? Honda 305, the one that had an odd-lookinq scissor spring/shock arrangement on the front forks.

'70s 350 Honda.

'70s 450/4 Kawasaki, died on the road north of Yakima, so I traded the remains for its 650 brother, rode that through western Canada & back to California where I was living at the time.

Yamaha something that was supposed to be a clone of a Harley chopper. Sold it after about two weeks 'cause I couldn't stand the noise.

650 & 850 Suzukis. The 850 was the last I owned, 'cause I bought a house & acquired dogs that liked to go everywhere with me.
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