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new video mirrors

Okay, I have replaced both the video cameras and the video monitors of my video mirrors -- here's the earlier installation:

These new "backup" video cameras are pretty small, though they have lenses that are too wide (~170 degrees); in that they make objects appear farther away.

The other nagging concern is that for some strange reason, the molded plastic bit at the 'Y' in the cord where the video signal and the 12v power wire split -- gets quite hot! At first, it gets hot enough to burn my fingers! After a little while, it seems to be cooler, but this is concerning enough that I have ordered some different cameras. These newer ones also have lens angles closer to the first set (~120d vs ~100d) which is probably a very good thing.

Here's the installation:

These monitors look a lot better than the previous units -- these stay clearly visible in bright (and hot) sunlight. Their main problem is they do not just turn on when the car is turned on; and they have to be manually powered on.

I also like that they are wide screen -- this "re-expands" the image from the very wide angle video cameras, and helps correct for the horizontal compression of the barrel distortion of the image.

Does anybody know of a way to "fix" the power on issue on the monitors, so they just turn on when the ignition is turned on?
Sincerely, Neil

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