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I think my car is moldy! (chev sprint)

There was a strong strange smell which I couldn't recognize inside. I covered it up with an air refreshener for a few days. At one point I thought it was a bit like a mold smell. I sniffed around different parts of the car looking for the source and found some brown stuff on the sun visors and the ceiling above them (which is made of some sort of vinyl or plastic).

I'm not sure what the best route for cleaning it will be but I'm planning to give my car a total clean this weekend. Things I want to clean...
~ floor under seats, lots of dust and dirt and cob webbs
~ fabric on seats (if possible), visibly dirty
~ air ducts (if possible), when I turn on air I get seeds from trees blowing in?
~ ceiling, get rid of mold!
~ walls, dash, inside of windows, etc, general cleanliness
~ exterior... wash and wax

I have never done any of this before, never owned a car before, so any comments are welcome. I'm also wondering, is car mold a common issue or something you have had before?

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