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So many things to do, but now that my car is on the road I needed to get my display operational. So I have mounted it in a small lcd screen enclosure I had lying around and got rid of the diagnostic output on the display. For normal daily use I am just displaying Motor Amps, Battery Amps, Temperature and Amp hours (just the integer value for now). Here's a pic.
Click image for larger version

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The display in the middle of the dash (left side of picture) is my BMS display. Here's a close-up.
Click image for larger version

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Ultimately my goal is to combine both displays into one. In theory either my BMS could communicate directly with the Cougar controller, but the serial to video chip is only capable of 16 characters by 9 lines, and as you can see by the distortion on the bottom it doesn't play nicely with the cheap chinese lcd display. Or I could get the 4D display to talk to my bms and bring all the data from the BMS and controller onto one screen. Either way it needs a lot of software coding to achieve.

I was hoping to post the software in this post, but I broke something while tidying it up. However, once I fix it, I will post it.

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