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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
One can only hope. I don't see any sign of that.

I recently spoke with a lad who is a participant in this mud truck pipe rapping B.S. He said the purpose of it was to establish a pecking order.

He also said he could be heard from 3 miles away, but he only does it at school and out in the country.

OH, well then, carry on!

This same kid said, unprompted, that gas will be gone in 20 years.

How does one reconcile in one's mind (no matter how small it may be) the idea that gas will be gone in 20 years so let's put 100 miles/day on a 10 mpg P.O.S. while accomplishing nothing whatsoever?

I saw this same kid's truck idling unattended in a parking lot this spring. I parked, went in, wandered throughout the store and did my shopping, came back out, and that truck was still there idling.
We probably ought to start something in the Lounge where everyone can share their horror stories.
I've certainly got mine.I could say some very mean and ugly things.
I could also mention the times when folks of all stripes have come up and said,"say,is that aerodynamics for better fuel economy?"
A few of those will keep you in the game.
Funny world!
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