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In my cars I accelerate slowly and just guessing (since I don't have a tach) I'd say I shift in the 2000-2500 rpm range. For best efficiency always shift to the next gear as soon as possible without lugging the engine. Most of the time I go straight through the gears 1,2,3...., but occasionally I will go from 2nd to 4th if I'm on a downhill incline and can do so safely without lugging. Using this method I can usually beat the old EPA highway rating in mixed city/highway driving and on the highway often beat the old EPA highway rating by 5-10mpg. You want to engage the clutch at as low rpm as possible to prevent excessive clutch wear. The last clutch I replaced in my '88 Escort had 260K miles on it and the current clutch has over 200K miles on it.

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