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Making Ecomods a G thing
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When there is an extra sudden load on your vehicle, like acceleration or turning on air-condition, it will prevent that load drain away any current from another electronic circuit in your car and all electrical parts will be working at their optimum conditions
load drain away any current from other devices? (I'm paraphrasing, obviously) so basically it's saying that high loads drain current away from devices that consume electrical current, how can these devices both consume current and produce current(which they would have to do in order for it to be drained away)? and wouldn't the alternator automatically regulate the output as needed? oh!!! wait a minute!!! this thing takes the place of the regulator to provide a steady power supply, so I can take the regulator off and expect this thing to keep my electronics safe, even though it's not between the power supply and the load!! It's ingenious.

Too bad it defies all basic electronic principle in it's operations.

I have something that looks exactly like it in my Jeep, it has a 115v outlet on it so i can use my Laptop or other electrical stuff while on the road. (Obviously I'm referring to a power inverter)

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