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Daily annoyance: lawn mowing. We seem to have a neighborhood pact that states nobody is allowed to mow if anyone else within earshot is already mowing, thus guaranteeing that at any given point in time, somebody will be out there mowing.

And then there is the guy right across from me. He mows every other day. Do you think I'm exaggerating? Nope! He's out there right now! And I thought my obsession/compulsions were bad. I'm surprised I haven't seen him out there on hands and knees cutting individual blades of grass with a nostril trimming scissors. He has an entire arsenal for yard work too- push mower, riding tractor (with all available attachments), gas string trimmer, gas leaf blower, and battery trimmer. That push mower has a mechanical problem which causes it to stall out frequently. Did I mention frequently? So it's: mow, stall, start. mow, stall, start. mow, stall, start. mow, stall, start. mow, stall, start. ad infinitum. It would take me about 3 minutes to go over there, adjust the carb and/or drop the bowl to let the water out, but eh. Maybe he'll break the recoil by then.


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