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Frank, do you have a noise polution issue especially, you post about it a lot - if so I agree, I hate it.

Across my street the houses back onto a golf course. They mow every morning at 6-30 am. We nearly bought a house on that side. Instead we were lucky enough to get one on the side where only the squirrels bother us, and the bedrooms are at the back overlooking the woods.

But yes, every weekend or holiday at every waking hour there is some kind of electric motor going somewhere in earshot here.

I thought I would try and fit in last weekend by cutting my roofing tile with the angry grinder in the evening on Friday when most of the neighbours are inside watching insipid Friday night TV or would be pished so they wouldn't notice.

It worked, nobody noticed.

However my neighbours who were once naked in the window decided my son can't play footie on the street any more in case the ball lands on their garden. Apparently we are "irritating neighbours".

Well maybe we are, but we are clothed.
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