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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post
So here is the 1001 tip : you know you're an EcoModder when you teach your whole family a new game called: How many days a row can we avoid going to a store to buy anything??
Good one. I'm always thinking in terms of getting all errands done in one shot, and then planning the most efficient route.

YKYAEM when you have actually wondered if there would be a way to convert human energy (lifting, pulling, pushing etc.) into stored energy for your vehicle...AND the idea doesn't entirely bother you much.

--I've got this little emergency radio for power outages. It has a knob that can be spun - very similar to the reel on a fishing rod - that creates energy to power the radio. It made me wonder if a similar device could be added to a car to reduce the load on an engine. Even if it only added a few HP, it could cover A/C or simply assist the engine.

Hehe, imagine getting in your car and the first thing you do before turning the key is turn this reel-like contraption a few times.
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