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I was waiting to see when someone would remember the 302!!

My friend's ex- state patrol car was a "70 Plymouth Fury I w all white exterior.. typical Oregon cop car color.

For you younger ones, the Fury I meant basic, less chrome, rubber mats instead of carpeting, etc.... they made FuryII's, and Fury III's also! In the Ford line, Custom was the low model on the tootem pole, in the 60's, it was Biscayne, Buick had Special's, and eventually even Chevy started calling the low a wagon a Nomad; go figure???

It's interesting how some names were shared: GTO Pontiac and Ferrari! Mercury had a Cyclone, and then yrs. later GMC had their Syclone truck.

How about weird names???... Plymouth Cricket! Chevette Scooter! Hudson Wasp! AMC Hornet! Scuba Doo Brat! (lol) Pontiac Tempest! Monza Mirage! Ford Aspire ! (to what?) Dodge Shadow! (pleeeeease!!) I'm actually surprised no-one has come out with a Gnat or an Aphid, Mosquito, or a Flea!! In the econo car class a Chigger would sound tough, Citroen's were known for Leech like handling.... Opel's Kadette! A camillian (sorry for spelling) would be a great name for a sleeper performance car!!

I'm surprised that there was never a Rambler Badger!

Back to old cop cars, would the Dodge equivalent to the Plymouth Fury I be a Monaco what???? in the mid 60's Dodge had 330 and 440 BODY names??? can a Dodge fan clarify here....??? I used to have a '63 Dodge330 4dr. sedan w 318 and 3spd. on the column. Maybe there's a Corenette subname, like what would be Adam 12's Dodge counterpart (their Plymouth Belvedere) sorry, my spelling sucks today!!
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