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I hear ya!
My story is that for almost a month and a 1/2, I have an unwanted Rooster bothering me, and I just found found out a day or so, that now there is a second one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They came from like 4 houses away in this semi-rural area. Apparently, the dominant male kicked these two guys out! The worst is when it starts up 13ft. away at 4:40 AM, sitting on a branch aimed right at me! I would like to get up 9:30ish instead. My landmate lives 70yards away in a mobile home; is an early riser who thinks the Rooster is cute! Many times, I have 4 hrs of sleep in, when the trouble starts, I scare him away, then ATTEMPT to re-sleep wanting to get at least 5 straight hrs. for proper adrenaline recovery time for my health. Yes, I've played SOFT! Guns are allowed here; I also can call County Animal Control for removal. I've ordered and received a slingshot, but I don't really want it dead; just gone! I come running out yelling, and it flutters off the branch, and runs along the ground JUST out of reach!I chased it 200 some yards across wet grass two mornings ago, like we were playing tag. All sweaty, w heart pumping.. lets go back to sleep... RIGHT!!!! The meanest I've been so far, is that I hit his branch w a big rock that bounced him off backwards in midair! After this violence; he REMEMBER'S for 1-2 days max. before it all starts over. I can take it if there w only be a 70yard buffer w some bushes inbetween! A friend offered me his pellet gun, which at this point, is quite tempting!!

There is a convienance store next door that is open 5:30-10PM I'm grateful that they close early, but one of their female employees actually mimics Roostie at 5:30 AM egging him on, and making it unclear to me, which target I actually should use the slingshot on first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their lot is unchained, so many are the Friday and Saturday night temporary burnouts, and drifting I hear from there... most of those happen before I go to bed anyway.... it's nothing compared to DOODLE DOO!
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