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More ideas?!?!

We've all head the news stories about hypermilers who get 60 mpg in a normal, family sedan. Well I have a 1996 Subaru Legacy Wagon L and generally get pretty good mileage for the car (i.e. 30 to 32 mpg). I would like to improve this even further (hopefully close to 40mpg, ha). The following is what I have done to improve mileage. I also use a ScanGauge to track mileage.

-Basic Hypermiling
~Strong use of cruise control
~A lot of coasting
~Slow accelerations
~Reduction of stops
-Removed rear mud flaps (which were cracked and old)
-Tires properly inflated to 44psi
-Major rust holes in body have been removed and filled with fiber glass
-Never use AC
-Roll down windows at stops and use vented air while driving
-Remove unnecessary weight
-Replaced broken fog lights with dense foam for less weight and better wind resistance (similar to grill block)

What other things might I try to improve my mpg?

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