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that would be great! I've read other posts that explain how because of the typical weight of any car is too great that no constant rotations of self induced by motion endless travel ideas will work, but I still think it could be done, somehow!

For yrs, I thought it would be fun to actually roadrace a car on a track, but for most of us; U-tube of others experiences are as close as we will get besides racing games...

Cheap fun can still be had w some kind of smaller motorcycles and scooters; 100mpg+ can still provide entertainment $per hr. cheap enough not to think we all have to stay at home! It's not fun to feel like a prisoner!!

The gas powered bicycles; depending on the legalities in your area, seem like a dirt cheap way to get around. Not everyone is healthy, or wealthy enough to utilize a good roadbike as in peddling everywhere! Portland OR. is big on that, but most people over 50 are probably not going to be too excited about riding in the rain alot, and the energy, and time that it takes. With the gas bike, no insurance, maybe no licensing, lighting and brakes as you see fit, maybe getting an eng. long life by holding it down to 20-25mph. instead of maxing it at 30-35mph. How about a light weight diesel in that picture??

The closest vehicle I could see to being a 1 vehicle pretty much do it all at least locally are the teardrop shaped 3 wheelers, that would do well even in the rain. An econo box could be rented for out of town trips, or have a nice low dollar early Metro/CRX type of ride!

I'm willing to suffer some comfort loss, as opposed to feeling I have to stay home all my life to look at 4 walls!
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