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lean burn rules~!

So I'm in this Meteorology class and we’re talking about emissions related to cars and how the industry controls them through catalytic converters and burning of fuels. This guy says in class, I got lean burn on my car and how does it affect emissions? I was like; whoa...I haven't heard anyone talk about lean burn from anyone ever. I was like, yea I got lean burn too but we didn't mention what car we had lean burn. This guy looks like a hippie or a computer engineer of some sort (very smart guy) so I figured he put in lean burn himself which we did the same on my car. So class ends and we talk. He said his 1993 civic VX came with lean burn but was from Oregon. I told him about our lean burn which was incorporated through coding he was like, Wow! So anyways long story short, I start researching about the civic VX because California loves to raise high gas prices. I was reading but I could not find any threads that explained lean burn in terms how swappable or ease of swap from California’s ECU to a federal ECU.

So my questions are
Is lean burn only federal ECU’s?

Can I buy a California Civic VX with a D15Z motor and put a Lean Burn ECU in it?

If so which ECU’s come with Lean burn and how do I Identify it?

Is the lean burn code on a PROM style chip? Can I take the “bin” file and place it on a EEPROM and it’ll work in a California Civic VX? (Easy to make chips as I do this for my other car)

If it were able to burn a chip what else would I need to do on a California car to go into lean burn mode?

What is the easiest way for me to go about this process as I live in California but want a Civic VX with lean burn?

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