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Instarx... that is a great Idea, and it wold make being a dispatcher a really technical job.. figuring it out and scheduling it all.

Some companies are doing something similar already. My friend just moved across country. The moving company came to his house with normal size u=haul type vehicle. They loaded all their stuff into it very tight and neatly. If you have ever seen professional mover pack you know that there is no wasted space at all. Then they take it to there warehouse and offload this perfectly packed u haul onto an 18 wheeler, that has other families possessions on it also. They can fit quite a few families possessions on these larger big rigs. The Semi is then used to transport these loads across country where it will be delivered to the owners homes. It may even be packed onto smaller trucks again in the various states and delivered from there.

Diesle has so much energy in it, and it's wasted every day. My buddy just bought a 2001 ford f-350. This monster has a huge diesle engine it. (is it a 4.7 I think?) Anyway, he gets about 12 mpg. So a gallon of diesel takes him 12 miles. He doesn't haul much but occasionally pulls a care behind it. Now that same gallon of diesel fuel can take a 18 wheeler about 8 miles. with 25-30 tons of stuff on it. To me, him owning that diesel is really wasted energy, as far as the potential energy from a gallon of fuel is concerned.

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