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Hello all,

Many of you will scoff at my presence, as my goals concerning my vehicle are not to obtain the best mileage (or I'd have bought a Hybrid or diesel), but rather to get the most top speed and acceleration from my vehicle; a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3. It is my hope that one day I will be able to break the 200 MPH barrier with my daily driver.

As such, I already plan on performing several modifications (with planning already underway) to shave everything possible from the outside (door handles, antenna, mirrors) as well as lowering the car and potentially reworking the front fascia and fabricating a completely flat undercarriage cover.

A hastily-constructed GIMP image of said potential monstrosity is attached for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

I'd like to note that as I continue to improve the performance on my vehicle by adding various bolt-on parts like the intake and exhaust, I do note a mileage increase; at 55 MPH in 5th gear, I regularly see in excess of 40 MPG current read from my scan tool. It is highly likely that this will improve quite a bit when my full exhaust is complete.

I have pretty thick skin, so feel free to be honest if you care to comment.

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