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that word whip , does that evolve from when we use to have to crack the whip to start the horses?

JohnnyGrey- i would like to learn how to lean out my gas engines when I am not loading them heavy. On a '91F250 302 for example the ECU is not reprogrammable is it? I did a brute force lean burn by putting a 0 to 10 ohms reostat in series with the injector pwr. And as I dial in more resistance the voltage to the injectors decreases, the ECU tries to compensate but evenually the 02 voltage starts dropping and I can get it down to 0.24 volts and the engine will still run. This is not a wide band 02. comparing your wide band to a stock sensor, if you had to quess how lean do you think I am. i am going to try it with a different mileage computer as the one I am using reads injector pulse width which of course gets wider as the ECU tries to compensate for low voltage.

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