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Thanks for the reply,
I'll try to look for a matched controller/motor setup.
The throttle is a Magura twist grip, glad to hear that part won't be too hard.
Now I want to know, about dc vs ac for the motor setup. Can the batteries store either form of energy, or how does that work? Do I need an inverter?

At 55ah, 48V your battery pack had 2.64kwh of storage right?
I found on ebay(sorry can't link yet not enough posts) new lithium ion cells, that are 3.8ah, 3.7V, and work out to $1.78 a piece. That would be about $126 per kwh of storage for the cells, plus the wiring and framework etc. I was wondering if this might be a better option than looking for deep cycle marine batteries. I wouldn't mind having to do all the wiring myself, if I could save that much money on it.

Does anyone here know how much it would cost in materials to build the frame, and wire the battery pack? Another advantage I was thinking of for that, is that I could build the battery pack to the shape of the frame for a better fit.

Going off of Tesla's numbers(sorry again for no link) of $200 per kwh of storage capacity, that would price a 3kwh battery pack, at $600. A throttle is another $50 which isn't bad.

If I use a brushless motor, what kind of mechanism do I need to send the signal for the regenerative breaking?

I found a 3kw-7.5kw brushless dc motor from for $386, a 300ah controller for $385, and a 500ah controller for $466. Would that size motor be big enough to get to 45mph, and sustain it?

If that setup worked, it would be $50 for a throttle, $386 for a motor(probably need to add shipping costs to these), another $385-466 for the controller, and somewhere around $500-600 for batteries which would put me around $1400-$1500. Does that sound like a reasonable estimate?

Is anything on this setup overkill for a 30mi range, and 45mph top speed? I'll be looking for cheaper motors or controllers. I'm also going to try to "aeromod" the motorcycle so it requires less energy to run. Also would it be possible to hook up multiple motors? That might possibly be a cheaper option, if the controller for it doesn't have to get more complicated.

Thanks so much for your help (I'm subscribed to your youtube channel BTW, it's got some great info)
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