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I am definitely in open loop. I know the injectors should be either on or off but there must be a gray area there because it doesn't seem to be a knives edge. Maybe they open slow and part way open and I only do it when cruising at steady state. Yeah who knows about the cylinder to cylinder variation without an 02 in each exhaust header. Well i could do 8 channels of temperature, i guess.
Without being able to program the ECU maybe i would be better off reducing the fuel pump voltage and therefore the fuel pressure to force the mixture lean. The ECU can't deviate more than 10% or so from the fuel tables can it? This old truck is speed/density, bank injection. Obviously I would like to able to see and control pulse width. What is my alternative get some kind of after market programmable fuel management system. Staying in open loop and being able to the adjust the offset from theoretical 14.7 would be cool.
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