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Thanks, DD. I should have posted that there are DIY mods ("tone ring" on CTD) that are pretty well free, versus a $600 gizmo. I'm well aware of changing timing to more optimum specs (and you did a far better job than I would have in explanation).

The unanswered question -- as always with engine programming -- is what else is affected? Even subtle changes can have long term impacts that the short-term owner (5-7 years) has no "reason" to care about (as his purchasing decision is emotional, with only a nod to potential consequences) as the truck is long gone once issues of wear & tear begin to surface.

Diagnosis of problems is kept within bounds as aftermarket gizmos add complexity to decision trees. Of course, there is no in-depth explanation by the aftermarket as to what parameters are changed, and we are in the dark with -- at best -- SWAG to work with. The "improvement" may wind up costing more (much more) than the purported savings; thus my cautionary stance. (We are to put ourselves, IMO, in these shoes: my job has disappeared, my wife is now chronically ill and the need for the truck has become paramount . . . . )

Having owned many "old" vehicles [daily drivers], and driven 3/4-million mile trucks one is always stymied by a previous owners attempts at "improvements" . . from which I do not except myself. The dead stock vehicle tends to have the longest life for the lowest cost. A very high tendency. A 50k mile reduction in useful vehicle life is no small consideration (as an example). A truck has no substitute for itself as does a car as it is much more than private transportation. It is central to the income of the owner (whether an individual or a group). The loss of an otherwise good truck is little different from having to search for a new employer when understood properly.

EFI Live is a new (to CTD) program that allows the user to tailor engine operation profiles. Could be one will do more or less hypothetical damage, but at least the inputs would be clear during experimentation. At least I know whose tail to kick if things go wrong.

Looking forward to this thread progression. There is a dearth of genuine interest in fuel economy in diesel pickup trucks.

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