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I looked at a Forrester a few years ago after my first winter in Scotland but it didn't sound quite right so I checked with HJ.

EJ20 two litre Subaru engines (and some others) developed a bad reputation for premature big end bearing failure. Subaru is claimed that the problem was lack of maintenance, but a number of cases where the buyer was careful and thorough
and it still occurred. The problem is worst on the twin turbo versions: these engines are equipped with the short skirt pistons which also wear badly. The symptom of the big end problem is a distinct knocking when you start the car from cold and the symptom of the piston wear is a rattle when cold. The above two problems seem to strike at around 100,000 miles.
He doesn't mention it on later cars though.

It will be interesting to watch what happens with FE and I hope it turns out to be at Hypermiler status. I just wonder if the flat 4 is that efficient compared to say a similarly sized "Camcorder" or equivalent Hyundai / Kia.

EDIT - Anyway, this is taking the thread to Cuba
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