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Thanks for the new input puddleglum, and Ryland.

Ryland, the motor and controller are sold by the same company to go together, so I think they'll match but I'm not sure how to check.

Puddleglum, I'm starting with what I think is an old dirt bike, I'll try to get some photos of it. I'm getting it from a friend, and I've seen it but didn't get to weigh it or anything yet. I pushed it and it didn't seem too heavy, but I can't give an exact figure at the moment. I'll make sure to re-adjust my budget for shipping costs. I wasn't even thinking of a BMS, I think the controller can act as a charger though. I have seen the lithium packs that they sell for E-bikes/EV's, but the pre-assembled ones come out to like $400 per kwh, and I'm trying to get that down to $170 per kwh for my low budget. I also want to learn how to wire my own battery pack, so that I know how to do it for future builds/conversions. I fear my budget may have to be $2500, but I'd really like to try to do this as cheaply as possible. I was thinking of maybe taking a golf cart motor/controller setup and reusing it. That way I wouldn't have to deal with the shipping, or matching on the controllers.

Thanks for the input everyone.
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