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Originally Posted by newguyintown View Post
I'm getting it from a friend, and I've seen it but didn't get to weigh it or anything yet.
does your friend have the title for it or are you going to end up with an electric motorcycle that you can not use on the road, sure Ben Nelson was able to get a replacement title for his motorcycle but each state can vary and it's one of those tasks that I would never bother doing.

I think the controller can act as a charger though.
I've never seen a controller that can work as a charger, you could put them in the same box but they don't have any cross over in how they work that I know of that would allow them to be the same device.

I have seen the lithium packs that they sell for E-bikes/EV's, but the pre-assembled ones come out to like $400 per kwh, and I'm trying to get that down to $170 per kwh for my low budget. I also want to learn how to wire my own battery pack, so that I know how to do it for future builds/conversions.
Wiring your pack is not complex, it will be one of the easy parts of building your motorcycle so I'm not sure why you are hung up on wanting to wire your own pack, either you bolt the connections on from one battery to the next battery or if you have batteries that need to be spot welded you invest your life savings in a machine to spot weld batteries, but batteries that are light enough duty to be spot welded together are not going to hold up well to a motorcycle unless you have a ton of them, then you end up with balancing issues and that is where a BMS gets really complected and expensive and do go with Lithium batteries and don't have a battery management system then you get the cost of a lithium pack and the life of a used lead acid pack.

I was thinking of maybe taking a golf cart motor/controller setup and reusing it. That way I wouldn't have to deal with the shipping, or matching on the controllers.
The golf cart route is the one I am taking for my motorcycle only I'm going to go with a heavier duty controller at some point, at some point in the next month or two I should have a price on the parts you would need to use a golf cart motor as golf cart motors are missing a vital bearing so you can't even bench test them without destroying them that bearing is in the rear axle of the golf cart and I'm working on the parts that would allow you to use it for a hobbiest application like this, or go the route I'm going and have it bolt right on to the motorcycle, of course then you would have to use the motorcycle that I have it designed for but it will all just bolt together more or less as a kit.
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