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I don't think they scale. Truck tires: 12+ plies, tapered bead, steel belted sidewalls.90-120 psi Average passenger tire: 4 plies, nylon, rayon, polyester.........sidewall. 35 to 51 psi.
As far as inflation goes.....most cheapo/ non low profile tires (65+ sidewall) tend to wear the edges of the tires anway. So max inflation or over-inflation will make them wear better. Low profile tires have stiffer sidewalls to make up for decreased air volume (load capacity) and are more prone to uneven wear due to over or under-inflation. Sidewalls are considerably stiffer than the span between them (tread).
Lo pro (225/55/17)inflation is more like a dighragm - sidewalls like surrounding frame, tread like the diaphragm.
Standard / Touring tires (225/70/15)inflate more like a balloon.
If anyone has seen the Modern Marvels episode on Disneyworld, their stunt team runs 80psi in their regular tires on the stunt vehicles. This reduces the contact patch for easier tire spinning and turns with the parking brake. Do what you will with that info.
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