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Originally Posted by Diesel_Dave View Post

I think we actually agree on more than we disagree on. Mainly, people shouldn't play around with changing things that you don't understand. I guess I just come at things from a slightly different perspective because I've worked in diesel R&D for several years.

I also believe we do. Very few of us have, however, the knowledge, skill and tools to gauge the condition of an electronically-controlled diesel engine. A gasser is simple in comparison (and everything is far cheaper) when it comes to assessment.

On the other hand I'd take chances with a $6k gasser longblock (engine cost) that I never would with a $18k Cummins. Had I a cousin at the local CUMMINS dealership I might be more willing. If I knew of fleet comparisons I'd be more willing to try aftermarket parts. The usual enthusiast crowd is short-term ownership and abusive, by definition. (And I won't leave out those who use trucks for their livelihood as I've seen too many with no feeling for, or records of, proper maintenance procedure. For just a start).

What we do has to work. If we have no way of gauging long-term effects then the gizmo is suspect from the beginning.

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